Icon Production

Icon production "AGIO SILVER" is located in the Meteora mountains in the city of Kalambaka - the traditional cradle of the Orthodox world. In Greece, the canons of Christianity have been observed for centuries, so the icons produced here have not only true beauty, but also a special spiritual value for believers.


When creating Greek Orthodox and Catholic icons, the most modern technologies and time-tested materials are used. Every day we improve the production process, thereby increasing the speed of production and product quality.


For now, “AGIO SILVER” has rich experience and great production potential, which allows us to provide worldwide delivery and fulfill any exclusive orders as soon as possible.


The AGIO SILVER icons are made using natural wood, high-quality MDF, silk-screen printing on gold leaf 24 carats, silver molds MIRO-SILVER®. Each icon is a true work of art, made with special skill by experienced Greek icon painters.


The production workshop of our company was opened in 2017. From the first days of the opening, the main thing for us is commitment to the Christian canons of icon painting with the consistently high factory quality of our products.